Pingyuan started in Hebei Provice of China in 1992 and was named Hebei Yanyuan Standard Parts Ltd initially . As the supplier of many trade companies in China Hebei Yanyuan Standard Parts Ltd mainly supplied low carbon steel flat washers. 

In 2000 TIANJIN PINGYUAN HARDWARE CO.,LTD was build up for developing wider market. TIANJIN PINGYUAN HARDWARE CO.,LTD mainly focuses on high tensile washers including ASTM F436,DIN6916,BS4395,AS1252. With effective controlling of costs and continuous improving of product quality. High tensile washers marked PY are recognized and welcomed by more and more  customers throughout the world..
In 2008 our trade company TIANJIN PINGYUAN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD was created for serving and developing overseas market. At the begining of establishment, we developed ASTM F959 washers as  our new product in the area of high tensile fasteners. With 3 years exporting exerience now it has become our star product with proven technique. At the same time we registered PY as our trademark.

Now we are insisting the concept of Quality first and service best and hope through our dedication to quality products and best servise, Pingyuan will be the first choice for fastener buyers..

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